Body Hacks for Traumatic Stress ManagementApril 28, 2017

As promised we’re happy to share with you some of Jane’s Body Hacks for Traumatic Stress Management

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This 6 week online series will complement and super charge any personal health and wellness practice, and teach practitioners the skills needed for their own compassionate self care when working with clients. Learn body hacks for nervous system regulation (AKA dealing better with chronic and traumatic stress moment to moment so it doesn’t spiral out of control), tools for letting in the good stuff going on around you and connecting with your gut instincts, YOUR unique embodied intuition. Great SELF CARE learnings for people working with other people’s stress and trauma: psychotherapists, body workers, movement coaches! All based on the neurobiology of traumatic stress and years of research and training I’ve done both professionally and personally!

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Also, what our Warriors are saying…

“I found the webinar series perfect for where I am at these days in many ways; physically (inspiring me to get off my ass!); emotionally (recognize when I am triggered, pausing to feel it, and making conscious choices about my responses rather than reacting – or flipping my lid!); and spiritually (i.e. purpose/mission)” – Julie Dawn Smith, PhD

“Jane has given me a profound new depth of my understanding of the mind-body connection. Recovering Your Warrior is a safe and compassionate place to learn practical tools in dealing with every day stress and trauma triggers. Tools that are incredibly simple and easy to execute. Tools that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Jane’s big heart and wealth of knowledge is truly a gift to humankind.” – Rachel Matthews Burton