Developmental Movement for Trauma Recovery January 8, 2018

Join Diane Bruni and Jane Clapp for a foundational understanding of developmental movement patterns, the impact that traumatic stress has on our autonomic nervous system and the ability to enhance trauma recovery through revisiting movements we performed before we had language. This is the first time Diane and Jane will be presenting this innovative combination of somatic emotional resourcing and movement exploration. This workshop is suitable for people with trauma histories who have done substantial personal psychotherapeutic work or movement coaches wishing to deepen their understanding of the impact traumatic stress has on our bodies and movement patterns.

Dates: Saturday, March 24th
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm
Cost: $150 plus HST (Members receive 10% discount)

Location: Mosaic Yoga Toronto 23-225 Sterling Road, Toronto ON

Please call Mosaic Yoga Toronto at 416-901-4543 or email to register.