Moving Past Birth Trauma
February 25, 2017, TorontoDecember 9, 2016

A somatic movement workshop to help mothers heal

Nobody expects childbirth to be a breeze, but for some, giving birth is actually a traumatic experience. The definition of trauma is anytime a woman is in her birthing environment and things go drastically different than her plan, and if she feels threatened, unsafe, or violated. Unwanted medical interventions, emergency procedures, dismissive nurses or doctors, and frightening life-threatening moments can and do happen in the delivery room. This can leave new moms with psychological pain alongside the physical discomforts.

Work with Trauma Recovery Coach Jane Clapp and Women’s Pelvic Health expert Nikki Bergen to gain tools for healing in a supportive, non-medicalized community. Learn to reclaim your birth story, connect with other women who can relate, and restore confidence in your body.

Saturday, February 25th 10:00am-2:00pm

Urbanfitt 567 College Street #102, Toronto

$97 plus HST

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