TestimonialsMay 1, 2017

Here’s what are Warriors are saying about the program…

“I found the webinar series perfect for where I am at these days in many ways; physically (inspiring me to get off my ass!); emotionally (recognize when I am triggered, pausing to feel it, and making conscious choices about my responses rather than reacting – or flipping my lid!); and spiritually (i.e. purpose/mission)” – Julie Dawn Smith, PhD

“Jane has given me a profound new depth of my understanding of the mind-body connection. Recovering Your Warrior is a safe and compassionate place to learn practical tools in dealing with every day stress and trauma triggers. Tools that are incredibly simple and easy to execute. Tools that I will carry with me for a lifetime. Jane’s big heart and wealth of knowledge is truly a gift to humankind.” – Rachel Matthews Burton
Founder, Tabellatalks.com