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A post-traumatic growth experience that embraces Le Jeu philosophy in a trauma informed environment. In this full day workshop, you will participate in exercises and games that bring you into the now through fun, laughter, movement and whole hearted embodied awareness. This workshop is appropriate for anyone looking to reconnect with a sense of play in daily life including movement coaches, psychotherapists, teachers, people out of trauma recovery or truly anyone who feels the pull.

Co-hosted by John Beale and Jane Clapp

Sunday, May 27th: 10-5PM

Cost: $250+hst

Location: Artscape Youngplace

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John Beale is a teacher and award-winning actor based in Toronto. He is a graduate of the Philippe Gaulier International Theatre School in Paris. He has trained, performed and taught extensively as a company member with the internationally acclaimed Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. Now as part of the faculty at Humber, Seneca at York University and Randolph College for the Performing Arts he teaches acting, scene study, improv and clown. He is a master clown teacher and has been holding publicly offered performance workshops and coaching actors since 2005. More at www.johnbeale.net.


Trauma Talks Conference June 2018, Toronto

Bridging Brain and Body with Trauma-informed Care
June 8th, 2018


Movement for Embodied Resilience Workshop 1:15-2:30pm

Presenters: Jane Clapp, creator of the Movement for Trauma professional training program and co-founder of Trauma Informed Practitioners Collective; Jennifer Cardoso, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Movement for Trauma Educational Coordinator and Teacher
Presentation Format: Workshop

Learning Objectives:

  1. Different balance tools and activities to trigger the righting reflex to break patterns of immobilization and harness the benefits of the righting reflex to maximize efficient self-regulation both in therapeutic settings and client self-regulation outside of sessions. These activities have also been shown to help an individual reconnect with play and pleasure through their body.
  2. How fine and gross motor exercises can decouple physiological activation from emotional affect. When engaging clients in higher intensity interval activity, interwoven with movements that require a high degree of focus, Jane has observed improved distress tolerance in clients while improving a sense of self efficacy for physiological regulation.
  3. Simple, accessible and portable self-regulation movements that are beneficial for a client to use when outside their window of tolerance — both in the therapeutic setting and on their own. The resources presented in the Traumatic Stress Tool Kit are ideal for therapists to engage in to help prevent secondary or vicarious trauma in their own nervous system. Resources include bilateral movements to improve focus and concentration, exercises that promote connection with the body as an emotional container, activities to cultivate a sense of strength and resilience in the body, and down regulation techniques to employ before sleep.

Jane and Jennifer will provide simple neuro-scientific background behind the efficacy of these techniques, will demonstrate many of these movement interventions and strategies, and participants will have the opportunity to engage with the tools and exercises to experience immediate nervous system benefits in their own body.

Developmental Movement for Trauma Recovery

Join Diane Bruni and Jane Clapp for a foundational understanding of developmental movement patterns, the impact that traumatic stress has on our autonomic nervous system and the ability to enhance trauma recovery through revisiting movements we performed before we had language. This is the first time Diane and Jane will be presenting this innovative combination of somatic emotional resourcing and movement exploration. This workshop is suitable for people with trauma histories who have done substantial personal psychotherapeutic work or movement coaches wishing to deepen their understanding of the impact traumatic stress has on our bodies and movement patterns.

Dates: Saturday, March 24th
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm
Cost: $150 plus HST (Members receive 10% discount)

Location: Mosaic Yoga Toronto 23-225 Sterling Road, Toronto ON

Please call Mosaic Yoga Toronto at 416-901-4543 or email info@mosaicyoga.ca to register.

Saturday, February 17th 12pm-2pm

Discover how understanding the brain-body connection during traumatic stress makes sense from a survival standpoint. In this 2-hour workshop, you will get a taste for the foundation of my trauma recovery research and coaching. If you’ve considered any of my training or webinar programs, this taster will help you decide if you want to go deeper and, at the very least, you’ll understand yourself and others better. Space is limited!

Location: Urbanfitt, 567 College, entrance on Manning just south of College.

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Free LIVE session with Jane!
When Intuitive Eating Doesn’t Work

Thursday, January 4th @ 6pm

Thursday, January 4th @ 7pm – FULL

Tune in LIVE or download the recording to watch at a later time.

We often hear “listen to your body, it doesn’t lie” or “eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full”.  In fact, I used to encourage both. For over a decade I specialized in weight loss coaching and watched client after client hit their head against the wall trying to shed the pounds. I observed so much emotional pain and suffering, not only from trying to drop the weight, but in the work to keep it off for good. What I’ve learned through my personal and professional research into the neurobiology of toxic and traumatic stress is that we’re putting the cart before the horse.  Before you can ‘listen’ to your body and give it what it needs you need to be able to tune in and identify the hunger for what it is – a physical need or emotional response? Join me for this free webinar and walk away having a better sense of yourself and discover the first step to transforming your relationship with food and, in fact, with any challenging area in your life.

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The 2017 ​Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum
Saturday, November 11th 9am – 6pm

The EFF is is a day-long gathering dedicated to learning about entrepreneurial feminism, feminist business practice, provide the opportunity to work with and experience new tools that help you and your enterprise grow, plus for the first time, attempts to bring this fast growing community together.

Jane will be teaching a workshop on Embodied Strength and Wisdom for the Long Haul

Click HERE for the Agenda


Free LIVE session with Jane! Embodied Boundaries
Thursday, Sept 14th @ 7pm

 Tune in LIVE or download the recording to watch at a later time.

Tap into the wisdom of your body to tell you when a boundary is a must. This experiential workshop will help you spend more time connecting with your embodied YES and your embodied NO by exploring and unpacking what the body knows about boundaries. We will work on getting clear on our body’s wants and needs so that we can begin to communicate them clearly. Jane will share effective body hacks to help you do this in a grounded, courageous and self loving way.

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Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy Conference
Thursday, June 1st, 2017, Toronto, ON


BC Fire Expo and FCABC Education Summit
Thursday, June 8th, 2017, Vernon, BC

BC Fire Expo and FCABC Education Summit

Female Core & Pelvic Floor
Online Conference
March 1 & 2, 2017

Jane will bring the important dialogue of trauma to this conference. Whether it is childbirth related, or grief that can sometimes come when the fertility years are coming to a close (ie menopause), or any of the other many traumas that can have lasting mental-emotional impact on a woman’s psyche, these can have an impact on wellbeing and physical function. So much so that no matter what physical exercise we may do, if these traumas aren’t acknowledged the physical gains can be minimal, very slow or non-existent. Jane brings levity to this very important topic.

Early bird price until January 31st is $49 CDN plus hst

On February 1st the conference increases to $79 CDN plus hst

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