Movement for Trauma IS A Three part certification

Are you a movement coach, yoga or pilates instructor or holistic personal trainer OR BODY WORKER?

A therapist, counsellor or mental health CARE PROVIDER?

Whether you know it or not, you're already working with people with traumatic stress and how that state of overwhelm impact their bodies. Become more informed and intelligent about the impact of traumatic stress on our physiology, tissues and brain so you can make your teaching, training and counselling more transformational and lasting. Learn how to develop healthy physical, psychological and emotional boundaries with all your clients while learning to resource your clients towards greater resilience in their day to day lives. Also, learn about scope of practice and how to work responsibly with people living with the effects of trauma through a bio-psychosocial lens.

Live your purpose in your work, fully and completely. 

*PLEASE NOTE* The required readings and training content may potentially overwhelm someone in early trauma recovery, or anyone who identifies as having lived through trauma and hasn't yet engaged in supported ongoing trauma informed healing work. Movement for Trauma is not a therapeutic treatment modality for mental health conditions associated with trauma. Instead, this program can be a complement to mental health care and psychotherapy.