Embodied Boundaries - $75+HST
12:30 PM12:30

Embodied Boundaries - $75+HST

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Learn about how the flight/freeze/collapse response in our autonomic nervous system affects our confidence in setting boundaries. Learn how to better tune into your bodies’ signals about when a stronger boundary is needed. Walk away with easy to use body oriented mindfulness exercises and movement based body hacks to gradually shift your own perception of your strength and safety in doing the hard work of creating healthier boundaries in your day to day life. If you’re not in Toronto and are interested in this work, not to worry. We have created the Embodied Boundaries webinar series as part of Recover Your Warrior. You can order online here

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Core Strength for Emotional Resilience
12:00 PM12:00

Core Strength for Emotional Resilience

Grab your spot as soon as you can. The last two workshops advertised sold like hot cakes. Definitely onto something! We intuitively know this to be true.

Learn how to use improved inner core unit strength and awareness to feel more grounded and regulated in your day to day life. Discover how the neurobiology of toxic or traumatic stress can be lessened when we access the deep muscles inside us that support our spine and make us feel more held and safe around the most vulnerable part of our bodies. The ones that are designed to work as a team and help us hold our bodies with effortless dignity and are meant to be able to activate all day. Yet sitting shuts them down. A chronic threatened or traumatized body posture shuts them down. These are not the big phasic showy muscles that make us look buff and turn into outer shell body armour when we feel threatened. You will walk away with simple and easy to use home exercises that can become a daily embodied meditative practice for you to reconnect with your body and the deepest core of you. 
Space limited to 8 people.

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