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I offer one-on-one resilience coaching, both online and in-person, and holistic personal training services, fully embracing a client centred approach and bio-psychosocial lens to the work we will do together. WE collaborate on the brilliance that is YOU and help you build your physical and emotional strength and resilience and a potential for deeper human connection with yourself and others.  Over the 20 years I’ve been a coach, I’ve trained in a variety of disciplines including scientific strength and conditioning, Yoga, ELDOA, Fascial stretch therapy, Tensegrity Touch Therapy, Reiki, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Buteyko Breathing. 

My focus is on improving inner core unit strength, breathing biomechanics, functional mobility and structural balance, nervous system regulation and creating tools and resources that empower you to manage day to day chronic or traumatic stress when you're not with me. Whatever your unique abilities, my dream for everyone is to diversify movement vocabulary, knocking down the walls of whatever cage is holding you back and help you find the thing that will PULL you towards more embodied and joyful living.

My studio is fully accessible. Please note my 24 hour cancellation policy.

My coaching services are not psychotherapeutic in nature and in no way a replacement for qualified mental health care.


$155 single
$750 for 5
$1400 for 10

Don't hesitate to inquire to see if I have sliding scale spaces available.