working together, we can build your physical and emotional resilience…online or in person.

I’m a mindful strength and movement coach, a trauma informed embodied resilience expert and a somatic career coach. I work with nervous system health so you feel more able to control your body's response to stress and overwhelm with loads of tools and strategies that leave you feeling more resourced. I have a beautiful and bright barefoot studio in the Junction Triangle in Toronto and often have a sweet golden retriever with me. 

*None of my services are psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for qualified mental health care.

I believe in everyone’s unique strength and resilience! And, I’ve been a movement and embodiment coach since 1999. Oh my. Time flies. I’ve worked with people with all sorts of physical and mental health challenges including people who just feel stuck and many people living with chronic pain. I’ve also found the beautiful cross over of my somatic coaching into people’s work lives and businesses, leading people to stronger voices and more confidence in their careers and new possibilities of realizing their deepest dreams. If you don’t believe you can shift your sense of strength and resilience in less time than you imagined, I do. I see all my clients discover new levels of vitality in a collaborative and client centred coaching model.  The space I create is focused on ongoing consent and building your body's intelligence so that you can carry deeper body wisdom every where you go. 

I've studied scientific strength and conditioning for many years, mindfulness based stress reduction, ELDOA, yoga, tensegrity touch therapy, Reiki at the master level and plenty of other certifications.  You can read more details about my training and background here

I have time for you to feel things out and to see if your embodied intuition is saying YES to working with me, in-person or online. You can request a free 30 minute consultation below by letting me know a bit about your interest in working with me. These consultations are not for people wanting to discuss my webinar or educational programs.

*Please note that online sessions must be prepaid within the 24 hour period before the session booking time.

$155 (plus applicable taxes) per session

Package rates available after a consultation. I offer sliding scale discounts of up to 20% when there are sliding scale spaces available in my practice.


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I understand that free consultations are for exploring personal coaching only.