In person or online

Movement for Trauma Level Three is a program requiring application prior to acceptance.

Please apply by emailing and follow these guidelines for your program application. Only make a deposit once you have received notification of acceptance. You will be notified within 4 weeks after submitting your application:

  • A description of your personal psychotherapeutic work to date including approximate number of hours of psychotherapy you’ve completed. Applicants who haven’t completed a minimum of 150 hours of psychotherapy will not be considered.

  • A description of how you’ve integrated Movement for Trauma principles into your professional work.

  • A description of your intent in becoming a Movement for Trauma Level One facilitator and who and where you would like to eventually offer this training to.

  • A description of your understanding of the biopsychosocial impact of trauma and the impact systemic oppression has on the body.

Pay Deposit Here ($500+HST)

Please note:

  • A $500+hst non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot

  • The remaining balance can be paid in instalments within 3 months of beginning your mentorship

  • The balance is non-refundable after 3 months

  • Mentorship is not eligible for sliding scale consideration

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