Becoming a Recover Your Warrior Practitioner

When RYW was first conceived it was about offering what we learned in Movement For Trauma to the community in a more accessible way. Jane was answering the call from so many "everyday" people desperate to heal and recover. As practitioners we work with a lot of these people on a daily basis - these are the lucky ones. There are so many people out there that do not have access to such talent and are left navigating a system of care that is not always on the side of supporting and advocating for resilience.

That said, we're building an online network of active RYW Practitioners (building the foundation with MFT Level 2 grads!). Jane has stepped down from leadership in Trauma Informed Practitioners because she realized the work that most interests her is two part: helping people access TI healing services, AND directly supporting the community of incredible MFT L2 practitioners in career growth and professional development. 

Annual Membership Fee

  1. That would look like $100+hst paid annually.
  2. Maybe used as a tax write off for dues/subscriptions or even for marketing/promotion expenses.
  3. This keeps your service fees in your pocket, which is where they belong!
  4. The annual fee will help cover the basic costs of:
  • Site set-up and maintenance
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Web hosting and content storage
  • Human resource support and admin time

In Addition

  1. Your bio and service is listed on
  2. Promotional support through Jane's social media channels (Facebook, IG, monthly newsletter)
  3. Opportunity to pitch and curate online learning content and webinars that align with MFT trauma-informed and resilience core values and host them on our learning platform. 
  4. This also includes:
  • Access to studio space to film (Jane Clapp Movement)
  • Video editing (basic, one angle, simple transitions)
  • RYW branded format and content packing into digital format
  • Video content hosting on VIMEO
  • No out of pocket expenses on your end
  • 65/35 split (65% to you) of revenue, less expenses (video editing, branding, packing content)

Requirements From You

  1. High resolution headshot (jpeg format)
  2. Short bio in first person - no more than 250 words
  3. Your title (if you work with one)
  4. Your service(s)
  5. How you offer your services (online, in person, both)
  6. Link to your website/to book you/to connect with you

***Light editing of your bio copy is included. Anything more involved would be at an additional expense outside of the membership fee

Please email if you have any questions about this program.