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Your Body, Your Money and Trauma - April

  • Body Intelligence Inc. Online Canada (map)

Unlock the intelligence of your body for a more prosperous relationship with money….from an embodiment expert with a business degree.

$125 plus tax


We will be meeting live on Zoom weekly. If you can’t tune in live, you will receive a link to the session within 24 hours.

Learn about the brilliance of the Polyvagal theory and how it applies to your body and your money. In our efforts to stay safer in the world in the past, we might be running on out dated ‘operating software’ and need strategic tools and practices to update our nervous systems to the now. That’s where I come in.

This 4 week course is perfect for feminist entrepreneurs and self employed people tired of feeling stuck, tired of playing small and wanting to harness the intelligence of your body via your nervous system to go from a state of scarcity or fear around money to finding confidence and courage to follow your instincts.


I’ve been a feminist embodied resilience coach and entrepreneur for over 20 years and am a leading expert in trauma and the body. It’s time to bring money into the equation. I can’t solve your money problems in a 4 week course but I promise you that understanding how your trauma history ( Big T and Little T) has kept you in the muck of money troubles is a critical step in setting yourself free of the shackles that bind you. And, you’ll learn body based tools and strategies to create new neural pathways to shift what was stuck to fierce and brave energy in your work.

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All genders welcome!