Foundations - Chronic and Traumatic Stress Management

Foundations - Chronic and Traumatic Stress Management


Do you suffer from recurring stress or have you experienced trauma? If you want to feel more grounded, self-regulated and hopeful, the Recover Your Warrior (RYW) Foundations course can help you get there.

Led by me, Jane Clapp, I’ll provide a safe and compassionate place to learn practical tools for combatting toxic stress and trauma in your daily life. Resilience is truly possible when we harness body intelligence.

Foundations complements (but doesn’t replace) psychotherapy, counselling or medical care for mental health conditions or trauma recovery.


You will discover:

  • How your body reacts to stress and trauma

  • Simple tools and resources to ground yourself

  • How to begin to let go of negative narrative and embrace your authentic self

  • The secret to engaging the super power we all possess - intuition

  • Your true strength and that you’re ready to fly

Foundations course details:

  • Six 30 minute videos you can download and keep:

    1. ABCs of nervous system regulation

    2. Embodied boundaries

    3. Self improvement vs. self acceptance

    4. Neuroscience of self compassion

    5. Gut instincts, your second brain and your pelvic floor

    6. Meaning and purpose for resilience

  • Foundations workbook - including all presentations for you to keep

  • 10 tools for self-resourcing and regulation